Welcome to Blackpowder and Dragonshards.

The Great Civil War changed the face of Korvaire, breaking up a great empire into feuding nations and wiping Cyre of the face of Ebberon completely. The War of the Walking Dead changed the sky, casting Dorruh far away from the Dragon Between to destroy the armies of Vol and her allies in Karranth while forever sealing away the lands of the dead. Finally, two centuries of relative peace and advancement changed history, throwing the time of heroes and magic into legend and allegory.

Acquisitions Incorporated, Tim and Pixie Adventuring Company, Atticus Jones and Associates, these names echo through the legends as a reminder of a forgotten time. Three individuals, armed with a two-hundred year old charter and a favorite tavern, intend to bring that time back. This is the story of the last heroes of Korvaire.

Blackpowder and Dragonshards