Blackpowder and Dragonshards

Fun with Sharn waterworks.

The party have a rough start trying to get their adventuring company off the ground. After a dozen pranks and three saved cats they get a message that someone needs help investigating a string of murders. Finally some action! The meet Gloria Crushbone, half-orc humanitarian worker, who hires them to help find out who is killing and skinning the goblins of the Underworks, Sharn’s industrial waste area/ goblin ghetto. Gloria also asks the PCs to accompany her when she does a food run for the goblin children, for protection.

In the Underworks the PCs meet Johnathan Smallpockets, a local halfling merchant, and get a crash course on Sharnese Goblin culture. The majority of the goblins are part of the Silver Tribe, in deference to the Church of the Silver Flame that Gloria represents, though the children are painted with many different colors representing the tribes that are most interested in their abilities. [Aaron] finds blue tribe goblins and asks them about the area.

Because nature abhors a violence vacuum, everything goes to hell when a group of goblins riding krenshars appears and begins shooting arrows into the crowd. The party makes relatively quick work of the attackers and their mounts and they capture one for questioning. The aggressors all have their hands painted red, though with a dye that Johnathan doesn’t sell.

The captured goblin leads them to one of the older water treatment plants in the Underworks and the party find an old House Sivis storage area hidden nearby. The red hand goblins had been using the basement as a base and a source for the dye they use to induct new tribe members. Also the tribe had managed to tunnel into the water treatment plant and bypass its defenses. [Aaron] sends one of his gang members to inform Gloria of what they had found and the party investigates the plant.

Inside the plant the party finds several disturbing things. The mechanical servitors that maintained the plant were glued to the wall and ceiling, mostly in pieces. Along with the mechanical decoration, swollen and writhing sacks made of goblin skin hung or lay all over the place accompanied by dead goblins. As they watched, one burst and let loose hundreds of long thin white worms that crawled into the water intake pool and were quickly destroyed by the purification ring. Up a floor, past the purification pool the party heard strange cries and noises. The stairs were choked with dead red hand goblins, all dead by some sort of poison bite. At the top of the stairs the party encounters the source of the flesh bags and poison bites. Crazy combinations of goblin and spider crouch on the ceiling, vomiting small white worms into sacks made of goblin skin. The leader, Skinner, remains mostly alive and is pushing the sacks into the intake pool. Without the protection of the purification ring the entire tower’s water supply would soon be swimming with disgusting parasitic worms! The spidergoblins are fairly dangerous opponents with their horrifying visage keeping [Aaron]’s troops from attacking effectively, but are slain. The party fishes out the sacks without bursting them and saves the water supply system from corruption.


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